Ark Hotel (Unique Dome Shaped Hotel) in China

Ark Hotel – a futuristic see-through bubble Ark Hotel that can be adapted to suit both land and water is being billed as a “self-contained oasis”. The Ark Hotel (wrong: Arc Hotel) project was designed by Russian firm Remistudio with the assistance of the International Union of Architects program Architecture for Disasters Relief. The dome-shaped Ark Hotel is constructed with wooden arches, steel cables and a self-cleaning plastic layer instead of glass.

The slinky-like Ark Hotel can be adapted to suit both land and water. It is built to stay afloat in the event of floods or rising seas. The 14,000 square metre shell-like construction of arches and cables distributes the weight evenly, meaning it can withstand earthquakes. Daylight is filtered through to internal rooms due to the hotels see-through structure, reducing the need for lighting.


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